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am permanently moving to -->

i like their function better...thanks for visiting me come by to my new 'home'

What do you think?


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am thinking to move to freeweb...made a new blog...( again?)...which one you like better....just wanna combine everything in one...if possible!



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Semalam mummy n the hubby watched THE MIST..a movie adapted from Stephen King's novel..citer nya agak menariks jugak walaupon ada la part2 yg tak sesuai untuk tontonan anak2..or preggy ladies..aksi -aksi kimochi warui...ergghhh...well..the ending was quiet contoversial..!please do not read if you have not seen the movie...

the hero telah berjaya lari from that main scene with few people with his son...why do you have to make him kill all of them????grrr.....why..why...why...he had made it that far..nape tak ganbare least ganbare dulu..kalau mati pon kene makan ngan monster itu..dah try the best...!geram...geram...

but then we realize that maybe stephen king memang saja make that controversial ending..why not?right?..if its a happy ending..people will see the movie/read that novel...just like any other movie/novel...with this ending he made such an impact....that people will response more...or maybe gonna read his other know about his other stories...humm...

far more important..we learned something from this movie...jangan berputus asa...even if when everything seems hopeless..there is always a way...n suicide is not an easy way...sumtimes the harder way will make you a better fighter!

yosh!aja-aja fighting!

p/s : ganbare cari keje mummy...!!

your baby's personality


Written on Tuesday, July 08, 2008 by mummyvaio

my baby has two personality..
1- when she is at home she is cheerful,talkative,manja,active,wanna do things by her own,express her emotion very well..though very dependant on me....

2- when she is out...for example...kenduri,party....where the crowd is pack...she becomes very clingy,quiet,n cried everytime someone she does not recognize approach her...

i was very worried...but i was careful not to label her as shy,or scared of people...instead when people ask,i usually tell them she need time to warm up to people...n i do not push her to accept new people if she does not want to..what a mum can do is observe her baby...i realized that when people ignore her first while chatting to me...fareehah will observe them very if to judge whether this person is a threat or not...when she thinks its okay,she wil be willingly talk,or share her things with them...this apply to when she is surrounded by other toddlers she was very interested looking at them...n rarely cried..

nowadays she is able to accept new people faster...and i am thankful for that..i once ask my health visitor about her reaction..n she tells me not to she said some baby has strong need of personal space..just like adults..i hope it won't be so bad when we first got home...this September..

p/s: we just got our first customer!..she pre-ordered two of our books eventhough she know we can only delivered them in november.yey!!



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Tamat sudah wimbledon 2008 dengan juara baru..rafael nadal...hummph..mummy tak minat dia oleh kerana dia bagi saingan yg amat sengit kat federer...congrats la ye...cian federer...isk...isk...sumer tak menjadi...truthfully game semalam is the most exciting tennis match i've ever seen...dramatik giler..siap ujan kena tangguh game dua kali...kitorang yg tengok tensen..haha...anyway,ganbatte to federer utk US open lak...silap-silap kalah jugak die nanti kat nadal...lepas ni sapa nak masuk tennis kene body build juga mcm nadal..supaya kuat n leh kalahkan nadal..hehe..